Guide for Referees

General Consideration for reviewers
  • Confidentiality of article information must be observed in all areas. The article review process is to be done anonymously.
  • Reviewers should judge articles at the appropriate time and assist the editorial team in deciding whether or not to accept the article.
  • The referees' suggestions regarding the published articles should be submitted in the form of judging forms and in the comment section for the author and editor.
  • Reviewers should refrain from judging articles with conflict of interest and report any conflict of interest as soon as possible.
  • Reviewers' judgments about the quality and content of articles should be based on professional and objective opinions.

Web of Science Reviewer Recognition Services (formerly Publons)

Web of Science Reviewer Recognition Services (formerly Publons) works with reviewers and publishers to give credit for peer review. In order to improve the activities peer review records of this journal, dear Reviewers, please send the link of your Web of Science profile page to the editor of the journal. If you are not a member of this database, please register in the database through the link below and send the address (URL) of your profile in this database.

Web of Science registration link (publons)

In addition, please forward the review completion email, which will be sent to you after the reviewing manuscript, to