How do we submit our research paper to Journals of Payame Noor University?

By visiting a website of the research-scientific journals of Payame Noor University (https://journals.pnu.ac.ir/) which is relevant to the subject of your paper and after studying the authors guidelines, specially the prevention regulations of plagiarism and scientific cheating along with precise guideline submit the paper.

How do I follow the submitted paper?

Only the author of the paper can observe latest status of the essay. The author will be informed of any change in the essay and the other authors can receive the news about essay by author. It is stressed that following by phone or in person is not possible.

How do I connect with the managers and the personnel of publications?

Based on publishing office rules, the staff is not allowed to give you their personal phone numbers. You first search your questions in frequent queries and if you found no response, you can ask your question in the site and by send email, you will get your response in a work day.

How long does it take to accept the paper?

Paper will be primarily studied based on submission guidelines (maximum a week). (Please study carefully the guideline of authors to expedite the review process and set up the paper as precise as codification guidelines.
If it is accepted in first stage, paper will be assessed by reviewing and scientific committee based on relevant content. This stage will usually take two months.
As it is accepted in second stage, papers will be sent to reviewers. The acceptance will take six months (if reviewers finally approve) based on required modifications, reviewers` ideas and the quick and accurate modifications by authors.
When does the last issue publish and how can I subscribe the publication? Publications are only published digitally but electronic version is available in websites.